март 1, 2014 at 4:55 pm (Без категория)

Plammen Assenov

Russian agression in Ukraine is now official and I would like to personally call everybody to boycott everything Russian.

It doesn’t matter what the governments and the international community will do about it, I just would like to call the people of Bulgaria, Europe, USA and all democratic and “normal” men and women to join the initiative.

Until Russian forces pull out of Ukraine the boycott will include all formal and informal contacts, no matter what’s the reason behind them, with Russian citizens; they should not get any services in the Banks, shops, touristic, cultural and all other premises; end of all credits given or taken from them, whatever the reason for the deal; end of using them for any job paid or not; in general – the idea is to stop their access to people, ideas, things and art forms created in the free, democratic and civilzed societies.

I am fed up with Russians who want everybody else to love them while at the same time they hate us and create only problems. It’s necessary that in the end all Russians – from Mr. Putin to the last muzhik, recognize the world order, i.e., it’s not the world who should take notice of what they like or not, but the other way round. That’s if they want to be welcome wherever they go.


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